Take Me Hard Stella 3,25 KG – Flesh

599,00 DKK



Take Me Hard Stella 3,25 kg

take me hard stella  speaks for itself. It is a realistic masturbator with a lifelike size. This masturbator has a very realistic vagina with a delicious structure and a very big ass with anus that you can enjoy endlessly. The soft, juicy vagina is always there for you. Thanks to the wide, flat surface, the Stuff my Hole can be placed on your bed, sofa or kitchen table. The take me hard chantal is made of soft and supple material that feels very nice. The vagina has a studded structure with a G-spot. The shaft of the anus is ribbed for a realistic feel during penetration. always use regular lubricant with your masturbator for more comfort!


Size: 18 × 16 × 12 cm /3,25 kg



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