Anal Plug Set

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Anal Plug Set

Easy in use
This butt plug trainer set consists of 3 parts with different sizes. Because of this everyone will find the right pleasure for him or her. Try this sex toy on your own or discover something new with your partner. Still inexperienced? Then start with the smallest size trainer and let your body get used to it by building it up slowly. Always insert and remove the butt plug trainer carefully and use a water-based lubricant. The drop shape makes it easy to insert the trainer.

Good for your health
Masturbation is good for both physical and mental health. An orgasm makes you happier, reduces stress, improves your memory, your skin and of course also the bond with your partner. Furthermore, it can relieve headaches and also increases your resistance and the quality of your sleep.

Easy to keep clean
Always clean the butt plug trainer after use! The butt plug trainer is 100% waterproof, making it easy to clean. You can therefore also use the butt plug trainer in the bathroom, for example in the shower. Preferably clean the butt plug trainer with some toy cleaner.

Material: Silicone
Colors: Black
Small: 10.5 cm lenght & 2,5 cm diameter
Medium: 11.5 cm lenght & 3 cm diameter
Large: 12.5 cm lenght & 3,5 cm diameter


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